Bilingual DTS (Spanish/English)

Do a DTS and learn English or Spanish!

Are you wanting to learn more about another language and culture while you draw closer to the Lord?
For both Spanish-speaking and English-speaking students, the Bilingual DTS provides excellent opportunities for cross-cultural exposure and for learning/ improving a second language. Life-long friendships are made with those from other nations as you deepen your relationship with God. You can go on a cross-cultural adventure at YWAM Minneapolis before your overseas outreach even begins! For all lectures, you will have Spanish-speaking and English-speaking teachers and all will be translated. After three months of life-transforming teaching, you will go on a two-month outreach trip in which you will be given opportunities to apply all that you have heard in the classroom. You will learn more about God, yourself, and the world through “hands-on” experiences. Neither you nor the people you meet will ever be the same again!

Topics covered in the lecture phase include

Developing right relationships
Studying how to get more out of reading your Bible
Learning to hear God’s voice
Discarding misconceptions about God’s character
Learning to love missions and cross-cultural ministry
Taking on your new identity found in Christ
Discovering your calling and purpose for life
Training in how to pray and intercede for nations
Embracing worship as a life-style
In addition to the discipleship topics, an optional language-learning elective will be offered - either English or Spanish, depending on which you wish to improve. There will be an additional cost to cover learning materials

BDTS Basic Information

  • January 12, 2020 - May 28, 2020
    $3300 USD
    Lecture Phase cost (includes tuition, room, board, books)
  • January 12, 2020 - May 28, 2020
    $3300 USD
    U.S. outreach (if offered) - $1250-$2000
  • January 12, 2020 - May 28, 2020
    $3300 USD
    • Latin America/South America - $2000-$3200 • Europe/Africa/Asia/South Pacific - $3000-$4500

School Leader - Alyssa Swanson

SchoolLeader Alyssa 320x240

Meet Alyssa Swanson!

“I grew up in Big Rapids, Michigan (a.k.a. the most beautiful place on earth). I did my DTS at YWAM Minneapolis in 2013 and since then have participated in secondary training schools at YWAM bases in Perth,  Australia and Valparaíso, Chile as well as another school here at YWAM Minneapolis.

I joined staff here in Fall 2015. I am passionate about discipleship, music, outdoors and connecting cultures! I enjoy spending time in nature, traveling, making music, watching movies, being with family, looking at maps and learning anything I  can about language or history from Wikipedia.

I am so excited to be leading the Bilingual DTS because I want to help raise up this generation of mission-minded Christians to go into the different spheres of society and disciple all nations with the life-changing understanding of the gospel. I’m excited to see each of the students discover their calling as they encounter God’s character. “

School Leader - Yulma Arana

SchoolLeader Yulma 320x240

Meet Yulma Arana!

“ I grew up in a small town called San Antonio Tedzidz in Yucatan, Mexico.  I did my DTS here at YWAM Minneapolis in January 2013 and my secondary school  here at YWAM Minneapolis (the SOMD) in September 2013.

One of my passions that God has given me is a heart for discipleship. I really enjoy painting (because it’s really relaxing), reading and cooking desserts!

I am so excited for the Bilingual DTS an am excited to see God work in each student’s life and be a part of that change as well as meeting new people and building friendships and relationships with them!”

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