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Gifted Brokenness

Gifted brokenness.
His greatest gift was gifted brokenness.
Allowing himself to be broken. To be in pain, and yet to be seen.
His brokenness, his humanity was his gift to us because it was symbolic of His deep, unending, sacrificial, abiding love for us. Teaching us by example of how we should live. How to love so deeply that it hurts.

During his life on earth, He showed us how we should live. Teaching us the importance of honesty, transparency and vulnerable. Embracing relationships and community. He taught truth and only truth. His life was our example. His life was our gift and we are his.

There's a hidden strength that is found in the feeling of weakness. A strength that often has to be learned and isn't easily achieve. A strength to be seen and known. To kneel instead of stand. To be held. It's a humbling of your soul and your pride.

 Our pride in our humanity often keeps us from the greater gift found in humility.

This mentality, this lie that we can do it by ourselves must cease to exist. Because we can't. We deceive ourselves and end up shaming ourselves over our weaknesses, failures and mistakes. This was not the way it was meant to be.

He created us with a desire and a need to live in coexistence. To do life together and not alone. Yet, today, so many of us strive to do it alone as if it is an accomplishment and something to be celebrated. And it's not.

It feels like a sin to admit a weakness. We strive for excellence and hide the mistakes, and pitfalls in ourselves. The places we know exist but pretend to ignore.

We pride ourselves in the "I can do it." independent human mentality. But what if, for just once, we humbled ourselves for a mere moment to share in the brokenness of another. To share. To allow yourself to share with them the brokenness of their lives but also of yours. What a gift.

To humble your humanity and share in His gifted brokenness that He has for each of us. Gifted brokenness. Yes. This is a good thing. He knows us.

We were not meant to be alone. Created for perfection but so missing the mark that we set too high and can never attain. He comes down to us. Embracing us for who we are. Sharing in our brokenness. Healing our broken hearts. He comes down. He calls us His.

He humbled himself and lifts us up.

He calls us to more. So much more. What a gift He gives and what a gift it is to share in His gift of gifted brokenness.

You were not meant to be alone. Share with Him and with others in your  brokenness. Share with other's in theirs. Encourage one another and let someone know that they're not alone.

Share in His gifted brokenness.

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