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A New Book from YWAM Leader David Clark

​YWAM leader David Clark has a new book out on prayer. Fusing Biblical scholarship with YWAM vision, this study will take you deep into Scripture and history. You'll better understand how prayer works and why it is necessary. This is a great book for YWAM training schools or for personal growth.

  • You'll find answers to some of the most difficult questions relating to prayer, such as:

  • If God already knows what He's going to do, why is prayer necessary?
  • Is the Lord's Prayer a "template" for prayer, or should it be prayed as written?
  • Why is Luke's version of the Lord's Prayer different than Matthew's?
  • What did Jewish people in the first century believe about prayer?
  • What did prayer mean in the early church?

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"With fresh and pleasant prose, David Clarkprovides a thoughtful Christian application to the reception history of theLord's Prayer . . . A delight to read from beginning toend." - Dr. Jonathan Pennington, Southern Baptist Seminary

"David Clark has done a rich service to twenty-first century followers ofJesus . . . Clark's research reveals the Lord's prayer as one unending 'worshipservice' two thousand years in length, and counting."  - Dr. Mark Herringshaw, author of SixPrayers God Always Answers

​​​"Has there ever been a set of words that has been known by heart by so many people, in so many languages, over so many cultures, and recited so often and for so many centuries as the Lord's Prayer? Yet its early history is far more complex than most realize. In this book, Clark deploys meticulous historical scholarship to look at its origins, contexts, and early use in such a way that our appreciation of the prayer . . . is renewed and enhanced." - Prof. Thomas O'Loughlin, University of Nottingham

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