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Revelations! Relationships! Strengthening! - Starr Psalm


Les Cayes, Haiti

 I would like to give a HUMONGOUS thank you to all of my supporters, financial or not, for this opportunity!

God is so faithful! I am home safe and sound!

From Dec. 3rd to Jan. 25th my team and I were serving in the beautiful city of Les Cayes, Haiti. We had the honor of staying with a host family who were more than gracious to our crazy team of 15 for the entire duration of our outreach.

Tous Ensemble

Our team had the privilege of working with an incredible rehabilitation clinic, called Tous Ensemble, where we were able to assist in both physical and occupational therapy along with the construction and fitting of prosthetics. I worked mostly with older stroke patients and children. By the end of the week, staff at the clinic were handing us patients to work with on our own, with just an occasional instruction here and there on what to do! The staff and volunteers we met there were so kind and helpful, making the experience even more memorable.

Accolade for Saving Lives

The other ministry we had the privilege of partnering with was Accolade for Saving Lives, which was started by our outreach host, Patchouko. Every weekday morning we spent a few hours with a group of boys from the ages of 12-19 in their "club", doing bible studies, leading worship, and giving guitar, drum, and keyboard lessons. We taught them art worship and intercession, created an encouragement wall, and exchanged little language lessons with them. We spent most of our free time building relationships with the boys that came over to our house every day. As the team shared our stories and testimonies, the boys began to open up like the staff had never seen before, and they shared things from their lives that you could tell was far from easy for them to do. By the end of our time the boys were leading bible studies and stepping into worship team roles!

Half of them re/dedicated their lives to Christ and were baptised in the Caribbean along with 4 students from our team! Yay Jesus!

Our team prayed before outreach for God to give us a vision statement and this is what we were given: "Through our love for one another we will be the salt and light for Christ and leave his love and light wherever we go." We were able to see that vision come to fruition.

After all of this, saying goodbye to every single one of the boys was heartbreaking. There wasn't anyone there without tears in their eyes! They made that trip for me. Our outreach was really centered around building relationships which is probably what I loved most about it. Ordinary living in an extraordinary country.

God provided for every financial need so that I had all of my expenses paid for! God encountered our team in many beautiful, and sometimes painful, ways. We learned how to pray for and encourage each other, as well as working on resolving conflict amongst our team and others. God gave us words, songs, and visions for one another. We grew into a more prayerful lifestyle so as to walk confidently inside of God's will and found ourselves being reminded of God's truths over our lives on a daily basis. I feel so blessed to have had the team that I did.

To sum up my entire DTS into three words:
revelations, relationships, and strengthening

Thank you for taking the time to read this! I hope you found it helpful!

Starr Psalm

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