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Worship and Art

20171119 163110


Art and worship go hand in hand. When we worship God we want to give him something of ourselves. The goal is to give him everything, every last part of our being, since that's what he gave for us. But it's hard to give yourself when you don't fully know who you are.

That's where art comes in. Art, in essence, is the expression of a part of the being of the artist. Any piece of art that a person makes is really a part of themselves reflected onto another object or media.

So when we want to dedicate specific time to worshiping and honoring God it is very fitting to create a piece of art. The art doesn't have to be 'spiritual' per se. Nor does is need to do specifically with an aspect of God's character as revealed in scripture, the cross, etc. It just has to reflect a part of who you are. Which it will, because you made it.

Maybe it's not even happy or particularly pretty. Maybe it's just an honest expression of your feelings at the moment or the way you see your life in your current situation. Just the act of creating something that is in it's very essence a part of who you are is what brings glory to God and joy to his heart. Maybe you don't know completely who you are and have a hard time knowing how to give yourself to God. But when you are honest and real with God and you submit in your heart those things to him (your thoughts, feelings, or circumstances), then he is able to 1) delight in the beauty that is your being and this small reflection of your essence, and 2) show you the way that he sees you, your feelings, and even your current situation.

So go ahead, art on. Pick a media you feel you can express yourself in and get creating. It's art, your media can be literally anything. As you express yourself you start to get a better idea of what is going on inside of you. And as you better get to know yourself, you can be more equipped to give of yourself, all of yourself, to the creator God who gave himself for you.

- Alyssa Swanson

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