• One out of every three children around the world is mal-nourished.
  • Over one billion people in the world do not have enough food to eat.
  • Every six seconds one child has died from hunger related causes.

This is crazy!  Especially when you think about the fact that we produce enough food to feed every person in the world over 4 pounds of food everyday!

Something is not right. But you can make a difference.

YWAM Minneapolis and Kids Against Hunger make it easy. Bring your group to our campus in Rockford. In just 2 hours, 20 people can pack enough food to feed over 4,000 hungry kids. That’s less time than a movie, or to watch a football game.

YWAM Minneapolis is part of the Kids Against Hunger network, sending food all over the world to feed starving children. Through our partnership with Kids Against Hunger, YWAM has the equipment, expertise and raw materials to pack nourishing, life giving meals as we work alongside orphanages and caring organizations that are located in remote areas of great need.  We are in need of financial contributions for the purchase of ingredients and delivery, and we are in need of volunteers to help us pack the food.

Our Kids Against Hunger meals consist of soy, rice, dried vegetables, along with 21 vitamins and minerals. This food is specifically designed to reverse the process of hunger in children who are dying of starvation.  In a 14 oz bag, we can pack 6 servings, at the cost of just 23 cents per meal.  Each meal meets 100% of the nutritional needs of a child for an entire day!  Every individual who can raise $50 (for teens & adults) and $25 (for children) and give 2 hours of his or her time, will provide a nutritious meal for 216 children.

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