You’ve done your DTS. You’ve grown in your relationship with Christ and have gone to the nations. But the Bible still often feels like a mystery and sometimes even out of touch with your daily life. You want to know how to study the scriptures for yourself, continue to grow in your own discipleship and become more effective in discipling others. If this is you, then this is your school.

The BSD will thoroughly train you to inductively study whole books of the Bible. And then it will help you apply what you read to the practical issues and questions of life and ministry. You will experience firsthand the power of the scriptures to personally disiciple you in the ways of Christ and better equip you to disciple others.

The BSD will include:

  • In-depth ‘how-to’ study each biblical genre (i.e., historical books, law, prophets, gospels, etc.)
  • Jewish history and culture
  • Understanding and using intertestamental documents
  • Understanding the Gnostic gospels (i.e., the Gospel of Thomas and the Gospel of Judas)
  • Biblical Apologetics (i.e., growing confident in what you believe)
  • Application of ancient texts to modern Western culture
  • Teaching the Bible to others (i.e., developing messages and sermons)
  • Using the Bible as a guide for giving counsel to others
  • Discussion and application
  • Times of ministry


While optional, a practical field assignment is highly encouraged. You will research and develop your own outreach plan. An internship with a church or YWAM ministry is recommended so that you can exercise your growing biblical studies and discipleship skills. Your school leader will help you work through the options.

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