Biblical Studies for Discipleship


You've done your DTS and now you've got a passion to know God more. There is no better way to know His character, His ways, and His voice than to dive into His Word. Yet, sometimes the Bible can be confusing and mysterious! The BSD will give you the tools to unlock the mysteries of the Bible and discover just how much God longs to reveal Himself to all those who seek Him. The BSD will train you to study whole books of the Bible in their historical context so you can practically apply the timeless truths to life and ministry today.


April 7th - June 28th, 2019




Successful completion of Discipleship Training School (DSP 211) and Discipleship Training School Field Assignment (DSP212)


This course is registered through the University of the Nations under the College of Christian Ministry as the Biblical Studies for Discipleship (CHR 227) 12 credits.
Learn the Inductive Bible Study Method
Study books from every genre and literature type.
Learn to communicate God's story to others!
Worship. Respond. Apply. Grow.
Complete an out-loud reading of the entire Bible
Learn to lead a Discovery Bible Study.

past BSD students...

Marie - St. Paul
"The YWAM BSD School transformed the way I understood my relationship with God. Before this school I would open my Bible and struggle to understand. Now every time I open the Bible it has become a treasured story that I never want to put down! To know God’s heart through ALL scripture is to be able to unlock the LIVING word!"
Andrew and Larissa - Minneapolis and New Zealand
"My wife and I took part in the BSD shortly after getting married. It was such a powerful season and experience to take part in both individually and as a couple. It truly unlocked the Bible for us, revealing powerful truths and realities that we previously overlooked or never even considered to look for. The BSD is a great way to develop better understanding of the Scriptures and therefore, how to better live out life as a disciple of Jesus Christ."
Tommy R - Kansas City
“Doing the BSD helped me to see the bible in a new way. I used to see it as a textbook of information. Now I see it as a beautiful piece of literature with emotion, wit, and experience. Doing the BSD will transform the way you see the Bible.”

Meet the school leaders...

Joel Pike
"I am REALLY excited to be co-leading this BSD! I believe in the necessity for Christ-followers to be immersed in the word of God. Through Scripture we come to better recognize the voice and character of the God who loves us. And we also come to find our own special place in His grand story. I completed the 9-month SBS in 2002 in Turner Valley, Alberta, Canada. I also met woman of my dreams in that school and married her a year later! Renee and I (and our 4 kids) have been on staff at YWAM Minneapolis since January 2014. My passions are: calling the nations to worship and building a Christ-centered, Bible-based community from whom nation-changers can be launched!
Benjamin Larson
For most of my life, the Bible has been a strange thing; I never seemed to understand its purpose. After my BSD the biggest take-aways were 2 things: 1. Engaging with the Bible is a life long journey. 2. It’s not just about getting the answers but instead engaging with the Author. I believe that it is through the bible that we, as His body, can come to “Know God” and find a commonality with one another, that doesn't change by opinions or culture, that we can come together and share to those God brings into our lives. It is in His unchanging Word that we can trust in through any time of change. I am co-leading this school because I want to help others along their journey as I continue my own.

BSD Synopsis

  • The Biblical Studies for Discipleship (BSD) is a 3-month training school of YWAM Minneapolis.
  • Prerequisites for enrollment in the BSD are successful completion of the Discipleship Training School (DSP 211) and Discipleship Training School Field Assignment (DSP212).
  • The BSD is a 12-credit course (CHR 227) in the University of the Nations’ College of Christian Ministries.

YWAM’s Belief Statement says, in part:

“Youth With A Mission (YWAM) affirms the Bible as the authoritative word of God and, with the Holy Spirit’s inspiration, the absolute reference point for every aspect of life and ministry.”

YWAM’s Belief Statement leads to 18 Foundational Values, the 1st and 2nd being to “Know God” and “Make God Known”. The BSD exists for the training of our staff and students in knowing God through His revelation in Scripture so that they are better equipped to make Him known among the nations and spheres of society to which they are called. The BSD is an introductory Bible school that will give a broad survey of the themes and literature types with an emphasis on application of the timeless truths of Scripture.

In particular:

  • The Inductive Method will be used to study at least one book from each Biblical genre.
  • Students will complete an out-loud reading of the entire Bible during the 12 weeks.
  • Group discussion and application time will follow the completion of each book assignment.
  •  Ample time will be set apart for worship, prayer, application, and serving the community as a part of the school and as required by the University of the Nations.
  • In addition to Inductive Teachings on the books of the Bible, the course will include Seminar Teachings on such topics as the Canon, Christology, Ecclesiology, 2nd Temple Judaism, Christ and Cultures and Teaching Preparation.

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